Mobile Truck Repair Service Providers in Delaware (DE)

Mobile Truck Repair Service Providers in Delaware (DE)

Mobile Truck Repair Service Providers in Delaware (DE)


Colossus Care Mobile Truck Repair (302) 261-9852BearDelaware
Highway Haven Truck Repair(302) 424-9006Bethany BeachDelaware
Diesel Dynamos Towing & Recovery(302) 526-0517BridgevilleDelaware
Gearhead Garage On-Site Repair(302) 261-9852CheswoldDelaware
Road Menders Reefer Trailer Repair(302) 526-0517ClaymontDelaware
Rig Rehab Axle Spindle Repair(302) 424-9006ClaytonDelaware
Trans Am Titans Towing & Repair(302) 261-9852DagsboroDelaware
Open Road Rescue Mobile Truck Repair (302) 261-9852Delaware CityDelaware
Peak Haul Performance Truck Repair(302) 424-9006DelmarDelaware
On-Site Overhaul Towing & Recovery(302) 526-0517DoverDelaware
Wrench Wizards on Wheels On-Site Repair(302) 261-9852EllendaleDelaware
Mobile Mechanic Marvels Reefer Trailer Repair(302) 526-0517FeltonDelaware
Highway Heroes Axle Spindle Repair(302) 424-9006Fenwick IslandDelaware
Road Warriors Rescue Towing & Repair(302) 261-9852FrankfordDelaware
Trucker's Trusty Toolkit Mobile Truck Repair (302) 261-9852FredericaDelaware
Gearshift Gurus & Co. Truck Repair(302) 424-9006GeorgetownDelaware
Diesel Doctors on Demand Towing & Recovery(302) 526-0517GreenwoodDelaware
Roadworthy Renaissance On-Site Repair(302) 261-9852HarringtonDelaware
Haulin Helpers Reefer Trailer Repair(302) 526-0517HockessinDelaware
Rig Rx Axle Spindle Repair(302) 424-9006HoustonDelaware
Modern Truck Repair Towing & Repair(302) 261-9852KentonDelaware
RoadTech Diagnostics Mobile Truck Repair (302) 261-9852LaurelDelaware
TorqueTech Solutions Truck Repair(302) 424-9006LewesDelaware
Highway Hub & Repair Towing & Recovery(302) 526-0517MiddletownDelaware
Mobile Masterminds on the Move On-Site Repair(302) 261-9852MilfordDelaware
Connected Fleet Care Reefer Trailer Repair(302) 526-0517MillsboroDelaware
Peak Performance Diagnostics Axle Spindle Repair(302) 424-9006MillvilleDelaware
Roadworthy Robotics Towing & Repair(302) 261-9852MiltonDelaware
Engine Evolution Mobile Truck Repair (302) 261-9852New CastleDelaware
Rigify Repair Network Truck Repair(302) 424-9006NewarkDelaware
IntelliHaul Solutions Towing & Recovery(302) 526-0517Ocean ViewDelaware
Don't Panic, We'll Fix It! On-Site Repair(302) 261-9852OdessaDelaware
The Grease Monkeys Professional truck repair Reefer Trailer Repair(302) 526-0517Rehoboth BeachDelaware
Rust Busters Brigade Axle Spindle Repair(302) 424-9006SeafordDelaware
Highway Hiccups Helpers Towing & Repair(302) 261-9852SelbyvilleDelaware
The Tune-Up Troubadours Mobile Truck Repair (302) 261-9852SmyrnaDelaware
The Wrench Wranglers Truck Repair(302) 424-9006TownsendDelaware
Don't Let Your Rig Rust! Towing & Recovery(302) 526-0517WilmingtonDelaware
Diesel Dilemma Doctors On-Site Repair(302) 261-9852WoodsideDelaware


Stuck on the side of the road in Delaware? 🆘

Don't sweat it! Our mobile semi-truck and trailer repair services in Delaware have you covered. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance for all your truck and trailer needs, from brakes and tires to engines and electrical. Whether you're a local fleet or just passing through, we'll get you back on the road fast and affordably.

Call now for:

  • Quick response times: Minimize downtime and get back on schedule.
  • Expert technicians: Certified and experienced to handle any repair.
  • Wide range of services: From minor fixes to major overhauls.
  • Mobile convenience: We come to you, wherever you are in Delaware.
  • 24/7 availability: We're here for you, day or night.

Keep your trucks rolling with our reliable mobile repair services. Contact us today!

P.S. Looking for specific services like reefer trailer repair or heavy-duty towing? We offer those too! Just give us a call.

Note: You can modify this description to include additional details specific to your business, such as your service area, specializations, or unique offerings.

Core Services:

  • Semi-Truck Repair: Overhaul and repair of various semi-truck components like engines, transmissions, differentials, brakes, electrical systems, etc.
  • Trailer Repair Services: Repairs for trailers of all types, including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, tankers, etc., covering brakes, suspension, electrical systems, doors, and more.
  • Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery: 24/7 breakdown assistance and towing for stranded semi-trucks and trailers, including winching and specialized recovery services.
  • Truck and Trailer Commercial Tires Repair: Installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial truck and trailer tires, including balancing, alignment, and roadside assistance.
  • Mobile Diesel Mechanic Services: On-site repair and maintenance services for semi-trucks and trailers directly at your location, minimizing downtime.

Specialized Services:

  • Reefer Trailer Repair: Specialized repair and maintenance services for refrigerated trailers, including Thermoking and Carrier reefer units, temperature control systems, and electrical components.
  • Axle and Spindle Repair and Replacement: Repair or replacement of worn-out axles, spindles, and bearings for optimal truck performance and safety.
  • Mobile Welding for Commercial Trucks: On-site welding services for frame repairs, cracked components, and other metal modifications.
  • Body Repair for Semi Trucks and Trailers: Repair and restoration of damaged truck and trailer bodies, including fiberglass repair, painting, and collision repair.
  • Computer Diagnostics and ECM Programming: Advanced diagnostics using specialized tools to identify and troubleshoot electronic issues in modern trucks.
  • DPF Filters and Forced Regeneration: Cleaning, regeneration, and replacement of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) to meet emission standards.
  • Engine Repair: Overhaul and repair of various diesel engines used in semi-trucks, including diagnostics, component replacement, and performance optimization.
  • Windshield Replacement: Quick and professional replacement of damaged windshields for improved driver visibility and safety.
  • Transmission Repair: Diagnosis and repair of automatic and manual transmissions for semi-trucks, ensuring smooth gear changes and optimal performance.
  • Turbo Replacement for Semi Trucks: Replacement of worn-out or damaged turbochargers to restore engine power and efficiency.

Interstate Highways:

  • Interstate 95 (I-95): This major north-south interstate highway runs through the entire state, from the Maryland border near Newark to the Delaware Memorial Bridge connecting Delaware to New Jersey. It's the most significant highway in the state, serving as a crucial transportation corridor for both people and goods.

U.S. Highways:

  • U.S. Route 13 (US 13): This north-south highway runs through the eastern portion of Delaware, from the Maryland border near Leipsic to the Delaware Memorial Bridge. It serves as a major route for local traffic and connects several smaller towns in the eastern part of the state.

  • U.S. Route 301 (US 301): This north-south highway briefly enters Delaware from the south near Middletown and overlaps with I-95 before continuing north towards the Pennsylvania border near Glasgow. It functions as an alternative route to I-95 for shorter distances within the state.

State Highways:

The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) utilizes a numbering system for its state highways. These highways are designated by a "DE" prefix followed by a number, ranging from DE-1 to DE-44. Here are some of the major state highways:

  • DE-1 (Dover Road): This east-west highway connects the state capital, Dover, with popular coastal towns like Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. It experiences significant traffic, especially during summer months due to tourism and beach activities.


  • DE-14 (Lewes-Georgetown Highway): This north-south highway offers an alternative route to US 13 in the eastern part of the state, connecting the coastal towns of Lewes and Georgetown.

  • DE-7 (Naamans Road): This north-south highway runs through the northern suburbs of Wilmington, connecting it to Pennsylvania. It's a major commuter route for residents traveling between the two states.

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